Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes

Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes: Happy Haunted Holidays!

The Nightmare Before Christmas, a popular 1993 animated fantasy film, tells the terrific tale of a frightfully amusing character named Jack Skellington who unwittingly opens up a portal between Halloweentown and Christmastown Read more »

Thomas Kinkade Snowglobes

Thomas Kinkade Snowglobes: Capturing The Magic Of Christmas

Thomas Kinkade, often called The Painter of Light, is famous for creating scenic winter wonderlands that sparkle with Victorian charm and authenticity. From magical snow covered towns and villages, to enchanting depictions of illuminated horse drawn sleigh rides, jolly carolers, and many timeless Christmas Eve traditions, Read more »

Musical Snowglobes

Musical Snowglobes: An Easy, Fun Way to Start Collecting

Musical snow globes create dream-like worlds within glass globes of water by setting picturesque scenes to music and allowing a few simple shakes to create the magic of a snowfall. Most musical snowglobes operate on wind-up music systems, and utilize snowflakes made of a Read more »

Vintage and Antique Music Boxes

Vintage and Antique Music Boxes

For those looking for the perfect holiday gift or keepsake for a loved one, vintage music boxes may be just the right choice. Antique music boxes make treasured gifts, and many people will treasure vintage music boxes for years to come. While shopping for these gifts, it's easy to find antique music boxes and vintage music boxes for people of all tastes, as they come in many styles, from various eras, and in all price ranges. Read more »

Reuge Music Boxes

The history of the Reuge music box begins approx. 1865 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland when Charles Reuge begins making pocket watches with musical movements inside. He and his descendants built a long lasting music box empire which still thrives today. They are very fortunate to have survived the invention of the Phonograph which did away with quite a few of the early companies that produced them. Read more »

Carousel Music Boxes

Enjoy the Beauty and Wonder of Carousel Music Boxes

Carousel music boxes are among the most popular music boxes and have been for years. There are numerous varieties to choose from and they can range in price greatly. Some of the varieties of carousel music boxes are antique, animated and collectible. Read more »

Music Boxes

Music boxes come in a variety of styles and sounds. They are typically a wind-up mechanism with a set of metal tines of different lengths. These interact with either a disc or cylinder that has a varied surface, so that the tines are struck in a specific pattern that plinks out the notes of a song. Because of the intricate pieces necessary to create them, some of the best music boxes were made by watchmakers. Read more »

Christmas Snowglobes

Christmas Snowglobes: A World of Celebration

The simple magic of a silent snowfall lends itself to Christmas snowglobes of all styles, shapes and sizes. Glittering memories of childhood anticipations and winter wonderlands swirl with showers of brilliant snowflakes inside these tiny wonderful worlds. Truly, these snow globes beckon to the child within us all. Read more »

Harry Potter Snowglobes

Harry Potter Snowglobes: Shake Up The Magic

J.K. Rowling's wildly successful book collection about a young boy's adventures at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has spawned a series of Harry Potter blockbuster movies, inspired a popular collection of Harry Potter toys, and helped to create several Harry Potter merchandise lines. Harry Potter fans, which are Read more »

Tinkerbell Snowglobes

Tinkerbell Snowglobes Make Perfect Gifts

With the holiday season fast approaching, there's little doubt that Disney is a safe bet for fun, family-friendly gifts for all ages. Tinkerbell snow globes make an especially enchanting gift. The tiny pixie character has dominated Peter Pan memorabilia by herself for years, despite not being considered a main character. Her combination of magical character design and Read more »

Mickey Mouse Snowglobes

Since 1928, Mickey Mouse has been a treasured part of American and, to some degree, human culture as a whole. In some families, it is a yearly holiday tradition to unpack the Disney Snowglobes and decorate the entire house with the visage of their children’s favorite cartoon character. Although Disney has a huge variety of merchandise that is marketed all around the world, the company’s Mickey Mouse snow globes are Read more »

Disney Snowglobes

The Magic of Disney Snow Globes

Everyone has a favorite Disney character or special Disney memory. Collecting Disney snowglobes can help keep those special characters close to you and the memories alive. Whether a character or scene made popular decades ago or one that represents the characters in the newest Disney movie, collectors treasure each Disney snow globe for Read more »

Photo Snowglobes

Snow Globe Enthusiast? Add A Personalized Touch To Your Collection!

Snowglobes have been a favorite collectors item of many families and individuals for a long time; however, with new ideas and inventions coming out at every turn, one should not be surprised to find new and innovative snow globes out on the market. Perhaps you have been searching for a memorable gift to give to a loved one that will not only create a smile but leave a personalized touch to the present that will really communicate that bond shared. You are now in luck! Many snowglobes now come with the option to add a photo into the design of the globe itself. Read more »

Wizard of Oz Snowglobes

Most people will remember the charming tale of Dorothy and her dog Toto, as they march along with the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. This classic tale of friendship has been loved for several generations, and there are many collectors who make it a point to get their hands on anything that has to do with the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz snow globe is one of the most sought after collectors’ items, and there are a number of different versions of the snowglobe. Read more »

Precious Moments Snowglobes

Precious Moments snowglobes are beautifully made to depict adorable characters and scenes. There is something fun and endearing about this classic toy. They make perfect keepsakes, gifts or decorations, and appeal to both professional collectors and those who simply love how they look.

Known for sweet, child-like works of art, Precious Moments has done an excellent job with these trinkets. The snow globes capture the essence of the Precious Moments theme of happiness and child-like wonder. Read more »

Regina Music Boxes

The Regina Music Box Company was founded in 1894. Like all other music box companies, the Regina Music Box Company followed the traditional style for making and creating music boxes, but with a few improved features. The Regina music box was created to increase, enrich and enhance sound and volume. Unlike their competitors, the Regina music box also had the ability to play music for a longer period of time without someone having to rewind it. Read more »