Carousel Music Boxes

Enjoy the Beauty and Wonder of Carousel Music Boxes

Carousel music boxes are among the most popular music boxes and have been for years. There are numerous varieties to choose from and they can range in price greatly. Some of the varieties of carousel music boxes are antique, animated and collectible.

Antique carousel music boxes can have very intricate designs and are quite lovely. They can be made of several different materials and are usually very colorful. Some sources for antique carousel music boxes are online auctions, newspaper advertisements, estate sales and yard sales. A prospective buyer should study the market carefully before purchasing these carousel music boxes.

Animated varieties of carousel music boxes are among the most popular. They can be fully animated where the carousel horses go up and down while the carousel goes around. These also are crafted from several different materials and range from all white to a myriad of different colors. Some are lifelike miniatures of real carousels. The music played can be one or multiple tunes in the same music box. Electricity runs some carousel music boxes of this type. Electric models feature continuous play along with the usual mechanical sound option. A few of this variety of carousel music boxes even have lights on the carousel which makes them even more realistic.

Those carousel music boxes that are collectible can be among the most expensive. Some are made with different animals than horses, have cartoon characters riding them or have a number of other variations. Many of these are manufactured in limited quantities. Market value will constantly fluctuate for these carousel music boxes. Several will markedly lose value quickly while others will retain value very well. It is advisable to research these carousel music boxes carefully to get true value.

Carousel music boxes make wonderful gifts for babies and young children as well as people of all ages who appreciate their workmanship. They are a source of nostalgia for some people who had one as a child. These people want their own child to have one to enjoy. Choosing carousel music boxes may be difficult as there are so many varieties, but it is worth the effort to learn about them in order to make an educated choice. Owning carousel music boxes will bring joy and beauty to any home.


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