Christmas Snowglobes

Christmas Snowglobes: A World of Celebration

The simple magic of a silent snowfall lends itself to Christmas snowglobes of all styles, shapes and sizes. Glittering memories of childhood anticipations and winter wonderlands swirl with showers of brilliant snowflakes inside these tiny wonderful worlds. Truly, these snow globes beckon to the child within us all.Christmas snow globes can range in size from tiny two inch lapel pins to large tabletop glass snow globes. Tree ornaments designed as Christmas snowglobes are extremely popular, and will often feature a small globe suspended from a hook or string. Traditional tabletop size Christmas snowglobes are often mounted on decorative, sculpted bases. And, many large Christmas statues and sculptures will feature a very small Christmas snowglobe set into the work as part of a detailed scene.

Many Christmas snowglobes feature a wind-up music box built into the base, and classic holiday carols such as "Joy to The World", "Jingle Bells", and "Deck The Halls" are often played. Illumination features are also quite common with Christmas snowglobes, and these features will either light up the entire snowglobe or highlight specific parts of the holiday scene.

The idyllic holiday visions of renowned artists such as Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade have inspired several collections of Christmas snowglobes. Many of Norman Rockwell's Christmas snowglobes are mounted on a classic wooden base and feature old fashioned themes from his paintings like "Santa In His Workshop" and "Santa's Helper's". Thomas Kinkade's illuminated musical globes focus on brilliant winter wonderland scenes and detailed depictions of a Victorian Christmas.

Waterford Crystal offers one yearly design for their heirloom Christmas snow globes, and a unique theme such as 2010's "Plaid Pyjamas Santa" is often featured. Meanwhile, the artisan home decor company Pfaltzgraff offers a wide variety of cheery holiday themed musical Christmas snowglobes each year. And, Disney features hundreds of popular storybook and movie characters inside holiday themed snowglobes each year. From The Nightmare Before Christmas, to Cinderella, Harry Potter, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, there is a holiday themed snow globe for every Disney fan.

Start A Collection of Christmas Snowglobes

Starting a collection of Christmas snowglobes for your children, or yourself, is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and create rich memories. Choosing a theme, such as snowglobes featuring Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, or another much loved holiday icon is a popular way to get started.

You can also start a holiday snow globe collection based on a favorite Disney character, or begin collecting holiday themed Disney snowglobes in general. Collections based on specific artists, such as Thomas Kinkade or Norman Rockwell, can reflect your unique vision of the holiday season. Or, pre-planned collections featuring heirloom collectible snowglobes from companies like Waterford Crystal can help you get started.

However you decide to proceed with your collection of holiday snow globes, you will be adding to the beauty of the season and creating priceless memories for yourself and your family!


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