Disney Snowglobes

The Magic of Disney Snow Globes

Everyone has a favorite Disney character or special Disney memory. Collecting Disney snowglobes can help keep those special characters close to you and the memories alive. Whether a character or scene made popular decades ago or one that represents the characters in the newest Disney movie, collectors treasure each Disney snow globe for the subject matter and workmanship. In the collector’s world, Disney snowglobes hold their value well and can increase in price over time, sometimes even reaching outrageous prices in the secondary market.

Disney releases one or more Disney snow globes with each of their new movies. Some aficionados focus on just collecting the Disney snowglobes associated with Disney movies, with many movies having multiple Disney snow globes available. In recent years with the release of many popular movies and a universal appeal to all ages, Disney snowglobes have become more popular than ever.

The artwork of each Disney snowglobe carries the Disney magic. Generally made of intricately sculpted resin, each Disney snowglobe has an actual glass globe but the size and position of the globe varies greatly. Some globes enclose the majority of the scene or character. Other Disney snowglobes have only a small glass globe that encloses just a portion of the scene with the rest of the characters and scene surrounding the globe. Some Disney snow globes function as a small jewelry or treasure box as well.

In addition to the movie-style Disney snowglobes, each of the Disney characters has their own line of snow globes. Mickey Mouse, Disney’s first character, remains the most popular. Other popular Disney snow globe lines include Minnie Mouse alone or with Mickey, Mickey and friends, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Toy Story, Disney princesses and special holiday editions. The style of Disney snowglobe most often considered as collector’s items are the larger and more intricately designed versions. Some Disney snowglobes come in a mini-size or in the smaller, plastic versions generally considered as a vacation souvenir. In addition to their popularity as collectibles, Disney snow globes make the perfect birthday or holiday gift for any Disney fan as everyone has a favorite Disney character or movie.

No matter what style or design, Disney snowglobes have amazing details that bring the Disney magic to life and will delight anyone who owns one or who receives one as a gift.


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