Musical Snowglobes

Musical Snowglobes: An Easy, Fun Way to Start Collecting

Musical snow globes create dream-like worlds within glass globes of water by setting picturesque scenes to music and allowing a few simple shakes to create the magic of a snowfall. Most musical snowglobes operate on wind-up music systems, and utilize snowflakes made of awhite confetti-like material. Glitter is another very popular material used for snow showers.Holiday themed musical snowglobes are certainly the most popular variety, as the globe's famous snowy showers surely evoke memories of the Christmas season. Some common holiday scenes include Santa Clause, Christmas trees, snowy winter villages, sledding children, and gingerbread houses. Holiday themed musical snow globes will typically also feature holiday carols.Disney themed musical snowglobes are also quite popular. Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, The Lion King, and Bambi are among the most common offerings. Precious Moments offers a wide variety of collectible globes, and many people enjoy customizable musical snowglobes which allow a special photograph to be inserted as the background scene.

Collecting Musical Snowglobes
Collectible snow globes make a wonderful gift for children. Many parents and grandparents create special holiday traditions, and help their children or grandchildren learn to become collectors, by giving a special musical snow globe as a birthday or Christmas gift each year. Disney character themed musical snowglobes are often very popular collectible items for children.Adult collectors of musical snow globes may specialize in finding unique pieces from sought after artists, such as the new Thomas Kinkade musical snowglobe. Many people collect antique or vintage musical snow globes from a favorite era, or from their treasured childhood years.Waterford crystal and sports team themed musical snowglobes are quite popular as both gifts and personal collectible items. Additionally, The Smithsonian offers many collectible musical snow globes, including miniature Christmas tree ornament globes.Starting a collection of musical snow globes for yourself, or the child in your life, can be a fun and rewarding experience. The selection and giving these special gifts can become a much anticipated ritual. The friends and relatives of passionate collectors typically find great joy in buying gifts to add to their collection. And, both the givers and receivers of these fine gifts will surely appreciate the vast array of musical snowglobes offered online and in stores.


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