Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes

Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes: Happy Haunted Holidays!

The Nightmare Before Christmas, a popular 1993 animated fantasy film, tells the terrific tale of a frightfully amusing character named Jack Skellington who unwittingly opens up a portal between Halloweentown and Christmastown and attempts to take over Christmas. Rich in horrific humor, fantastic art, and an unforgettable cast of characters, The Nightmare Before Christmas has inspired countless movie-themed clothing items, home decor, books, and Christmas decorations.

The enthralling Nightmare cast, and the imaginative worlds of Halloweentown and Christmastown, can now be captured forever in the wonderful watery atmosphere of collectible Nightmare Before Christmas snow globes! Showers of snowflakes or glitter will swirl and surround spooky scenes from the movie, and popular characters like Jack Skellington, Sally, Dr. Finklestein, Santa, and Oogie Boogie.

Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes can range from very Halloween themed, to very Christmas themed. Some snowglobes, like the movie, manage to blend Halloween and Christmas into a style that is very in-between. And, the size and style of many Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes varies from two inch, limited edition, Nightmare snow globe lapel pins, to Christmas tree ornament sized globes, smaller snowglobes set within tabletop movie scene sculptures, and standard size glass snowglobes on plastic or wooden bases.

Many of the Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes feature wind-up musical bases that play popular songs from the movie such as "Halloween". And, several of the most popular Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes include an illumination feature that lights up parts of the globe and truly brings the scene inside to life.

Start Collecting Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes

It's easy to start a collection of Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes! You can focus on finding rare, first edition, or limited edition globes for a one of a kind collection. Or, simply start a character-driven Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobe collection by seeking out the globes that feature your favorite character from the movie. You can also decide to specialize in collecting only the miniature globes, illuminated globes, or globes set in tabletop sculptures.

Starting a collection of Nightmare Before Christmas snow globes, for yourself or the Nightmare Before Christmas junkie in your life, is a wonderful way to celebrate both the movie and the holiday season. These globes make wonderful Halloween treats, imaginative holiday gifts, and fabulous stocking stuffers. This collectible will truly bring a sense of whimsy and wicked fun to anyone's home from Halloween night to Christmas Day!


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