A Little Snowglobe History

Snowglobes have been around a little longer than most people think, the exact date and origin are unknown but are believed to originate from France in the early to mid 1800's. By 1890 there were several manufacturers of water globes throughout Europe and were popular as souvenirs and often had religious figures in them.

In the 1920's snow domes became popular in the United States but most were made in Germany. By the end of the 1930's there were a number of U.S. companies producing snow globes. Into the 1940's the religious themed and Christmas Snowglobes were still very popular but were also being used for advertising purposes and even political campaigns.

Into the 1950's numerous countries throughout the world were producing snow globes. From inexpensive mass produced souvenirs that were available at about every tourist attraction, to expensive German crafted snow globes with moving parts and built in music boxes.
Snow domes today have evolved into some very sophisticated works of art with flashing lights and pumps that swirl the "snow" around so you don't have to shake it. Some even use motion sensors that automatically turn on when someone walks by.

People have been collecting snow globes for decades, prices can range from as little as a few bucks to several hundred dollars for rare or antique snow globes. Some of the most collectible snowglobes on the market are Walt Disney Snowglobes, some of these can bring top dollar for retired or limited edition models. Collecting snow globes can be a lot of fun, sometimes challenging and can even be profitable. Whether starting a collection on a low budget or you are looking for an investment quality collectable or antique, there is a snow globe for everyone.

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