Thomas Kinkade Snowglobes

Thomas Kinkade Snowglobes: Capturing The Magic Of Christmas

Thomas Kinkade, often called The Painter of Light, is famous for creating scenic winter wonderlands that sparkle with Victorian charm and authenticity. From magical snow covered towns and villages, to enchanting depictions of illuminated horse drawn sleigh rides, jolly carolers, and many timeless Christmas Eve traditions, Thomas Kinkade truly captures the joy and splendor of the winter holiday season. His artwork has inspired countless Christmas tree decorations and holiday ornaments over the years, but nothing brings his magical winter wonderlands to life quite like snow globes!

Thomas Kinkade's glittering illustrations of Victorian Winter Wonderlands and traditional Christmas seasons lend themselves beautifully to the imaginative world of snowglobes. Each magical winter scene is set within a lovely glass globe on a porcelain or wood base, and filled with water and showers of swirling, sparkling white snow. Thomas Kinkade snowglobes range from tiny globes set in magnificent Winter Wonderland sculptures, to small Christmas tree ornament globes, and traditional larger globe sizes.

Most of these sparkling Winter Wonderland globes are also musical snowglobes, featuring a wind-up musical base with traditional Christmas carols such as "Jingle Bells" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Many of the scenes set within these Thomas Kinkade snowglobes feature tiny Victorian houses and villages that are sculpted and painted by hand. A special illumination feature, available in some Thomas Kinkade snowglobes, casts a warm and welcoming light from the window of each tiny sculpted building. And, an animation feature included with several of these magical globes brings the lively scene to life by moving Santa's sleigh across the watery sky.

Start a Collection of Thomas Kinkade Snowglobes

Starting a collection of Thomas Kinkade snowglobes, for yourself or a loved one, is a wonderful way to create a comforting sense of ritual and anticipation around the holidays. Starting a collection is easy, whether you decide to start collecting from a pre-arranged set of snowglobes or to create your own collecting theme.

Collectible sets such as The Winter Wonderland collection, The Songs of The Season collection, and The Wonderland Express collection all feature a series of snow globes issued to be collected in a predetermined order. Simply choose your favorite collection by reviewing the features and design specifications of the globes in each series. Then, start with the first Thomas Kinkade snowglobe issued for that set and enjoy adding more as you build your beautiful collection.

Creating your own collection based on a favorite theme is another wonderful way to start collecting Thomas Kinkade snowglobes. You can focus on collecting globes that feature the charming Victorian cottages that warm your heart, or specialize in globes with snowy sleigh scenes that make you nostalgic for childhood days gone by. And, Santa Clause themed globes provide an imaginative way to start a collection for a beloved child or grandchild.

No matter which theme or collectible set you choose, bringing these wonderful snow globes into your home will allow you and your family to enjoy the imaginative Christmas vision of Thomas Kinkade for many years to come.



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